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Programming Workshops

We have conducted 5 workshops at various New Jersey locations to help other teams get a head start with programming this season. This was attended by ~25 FTC teams with about ~100 participants.

Workshops covered everything from installation of the controller apps, pairing, simple code to move motors, servos, working with sensors such as Color, Range and Touch. Teams were able to write their own tank programming with scaling logic for finer movements.

Mentoring FIRST Teams

This is our second year of continued mentorship to FTC Team from Oasis, a haven for Women and Children located in Paterson, New Jersey.

We taught them several concepts this season starting with FTC Blocks, Mecanum wheels, strafing, rack and pinion lift construction, how to organize an engineering notebook and Game Strategies.


At the Liberty Science Center, Miriam, Julia, and Sakshi ran a session through NJ STEM Girls on Magnetic Limit Switch Sensors. They did a presentation during lunch and did a robot demonstration that showed how the sensor and magnets were used on our robot. They also presented a slideshow on what these sensors are, the logic, and how it is controlled with the gamepad. The girls attending got to control the lift with the sensors for themselves, and were given a packet to take with them on more information about the sensors. The girls were very interested in learning about these sensors, and by the end of the presentation, knew the basic information about Magnetic Limit Switch Sensors and how they could incorporate them into their build to improve their robot for the future.

Co-Host FTC Qualifier

The team co-hosted the Liberty Science Center qualifier in Jersey City, New Jersey along with the team Metal Marauders. A total of 22 teams competed at this qualifier vying for one of the four spots at NJ State Championship. We manned a booth at the reception to explain about the competition, robot, FIRST competitions to the hundreds of visitors that came to the science center that day.

Collaborating with FTC Teams

The JDroids members collaborated with several teams Chatham Cougars, //Cougars, PioTech, Maelstroms to learn and share from each others experiences.

Girls in Engineering

The NJ STEM Girls of NJ FTC met at Liberty Science Center to demonstrate robotics and STEM to the youth there. Julia and Sakshi, part of STEM Girls, demonstrated our team’s robot and other teams demonstrated theirs. There were several activities for kids to participate in, such as a catapult to launch stuffed animals at bottles and letting children drive small PushBots on s field. The teams also drove their robots to show how they picked up glyphs. Several other organizations participated, including VEX Robotics and World Robotics.