FIRST Lego League

JDroids FTC team mentors 3 FLL teams on a periodic basis. They engage with them to understand the game, building basics, programming basics, advanced sensor programming and guide with project research and presentation.

Wildfire Robotics
Montville, NJ

Krypton  Warriors
Parsippany, NJ

Staten Island, NY

FLL team Wildfire came to Maker Depot to present their project to our team. The current FLL theme was Hydrodynamics, and the problem they picked was fertilizer runoff. They presented about how rain water washes away fertilizer, which goes into rivers or ponds. They explained that the fertilizer helped algae in the lake grow, and if there is too much algae, it hogs all the air and the fish get none. Because of the lack of air, fish die and it breaks up their whole ecosystem. Their solution is to make a pipeline that travels to a power plant, which cleans off the dirty water. A secondary solution was to plant plants by the riverbank to absorb the fertilizer.

JDroids help form a FLL team in Parsippany, NJ. We invited all the interested students and parents to Maker Depot to help them understand the game season, challenge and how to run the season. We held sessions to introduce the new members on to how to construct different chassis, how to build claw attachments and their multiple functions and uses. The JDroids also explained to the Krypton Warrior on what gracious professionalism and friendly competition is about, and how it can be applied not only in FLL but outside as well.

JDroids helped create and mentor a team in Staten Island, New York. The team was excited to be invited over to the NY championship and the coach was super happy that we were able to assist in their rookie year.