General Motors Engineers

Several skype calls with General Motors made our reciprocating rack based end-effector a unique and consistent way to grab and plan the relic.

Research Scientist @ Siemens

We designed a unique color detection algorithm based on Histograms of color values using OpenCV. We developed this under the guidance of Dr. Vivek Singh, a research scientist at Siemens.

MIT Professor

We connected with an Electrical Engineering Professor at MIT, Dr. Steinmeyer and learnt about sensor data filtering techniques.

PK Precision Machine Shop

Discussions with Steve Galik, PK Precision Machine expert for guidance on our forklift idea for the relic.

Mercedes Benz

The content for this is not seen in PPT file sent. Need content and photo for this.

Maker Depot Makers

Several Maker Depot Makers have guided us this season by teaching us how to solder, custom machine, 3D print and learn to use new materials like DELRIN.