Presentation at Fiserv Inc, April 2018


  • Demonstrate the Relic Recovery competition robot to the kids
  • Teach the members basic programming
  • Let the kids learn hands-on with LEGO Mindstorms robots
  • Let the kids drive the Relic Recovery competition robot
  • Repeat for the second session

First, the team members demonstrated the past season’s robot to get the kids of the first session initially excited. This was successful, and the kids could not wait to get started. After that, the team members demonstrated the Mindstorm Education software to the kids so that they had a basic understanding of how to code. Then, the team members gave the kids the opportunity to have hands-on experience with the Mindstorm robots. If the kids had an idea they could not implement successfully, the team members would assist them until the kids figured out how to implement their ideas successfully. After giving the kids hands-on programming experience, we gave them an opportunity to drive our past season’s robot as this would be a fun activity for them. Then the members repeated this with the second session with similar levels of success.

Recruit New Students, May 2018

Our goal at this event was to Introduce FTC and recruit new members for the team. We had created a flyer and sent communication via social media to the neighborhood. The purpose of this event was to meet with potential new team members for next season. We started off with introductions and then went into an overview of FIRST and FTC. We ran through the presentation FIRST, as well our team structure and how we are organized. Then, we presented our Relic Recovery robot and went through last season’s challenge and the tasks we needed to complete in Autonomous and Tele-Op. All the new members and parents were interested and we plan to have a full 15 member team with several new recruits. 

Wayne Library Demo, July 2018

We had a blast at the library demonstration, About 35 students had registered. We had fun introducing FIRST, demonstrating our FTC robot and our bridge building activity with Popsicle sticks and duct tape was so much fun. There are several more interested in joining FIRST robotics teams.

Collaborate with FTC Team Oasis, May 2018

Today the Oasis FTC team form Paterson, New Jersey visited us at Maker Depot. First, we helped the team change their Tetrix motors into the Neverest motors.Then, we explained Mecanum wheels principles and how the wheels work. We helped them to align the motors at a horizontal angle by showing them how to use plates to keep the motor mounts from tilting. We also explained how they needed to connect the hardware and wires to the motor and connect to the expansion hub.Then, we helped them program a simple code in order for them to test the motors and to see the encoder values. They were then able to test the motors and were able to see how much faster they were than their original wheels.

JDroids have been mentoring Oasis team for the past three years since Oasis started their FTC journey.

MakerFest, June 2018

At this event, our main goal was to spread awareness of FIRST Robotics to the community. We invited several other FIRST teams to help with this cause. The FIRST teams that were with us were FTC Team Maelstroms, FLL team Krypton Warriors and APDroids, FLL Jr. team. During the event we showed off our relic recovery robot and explained what FIRST was to the people who stopped at our booth. We also held two engineering activities 1) Build a bridge out of Popsicle sticks to support the most weight and 2) Build the tallest tower out of marshmallows and toothpicks.